Specialty handmade smoked bacon "MOLLY’S SMOKED" is born.



Delicious smoked aroma brings out the umami.


We use Geland Salt made in Brittany region of France West Coast and original spice mixed with carefully selected herbs. Pigs of Hokkaido, Denmark and Spain, which are well-established for highest quality of management and safety, are ice-temperature-aged for 14 days at -2℃. Ice temperature aging accumulates amino acids and carbohydrates that lead to "sweetness" , and draws a mellow "umami" which is characteristic of MOLLY'S SMOKED.


Instead of "adding" the aroma, "sealing" the umami.

モリーズ・スモークは桜チップでじっくりと燻した手作りベーコン。 「燻製」は煙で「いぶす」ことによって、煙に含まれているカルボニル化合物、フェノール化合物、有機酸など有効成分の力が殺菌・酸化防止の効果を発揮してくれるものです。発色剤・保存料・酸化防止剤などの添加物は入れておりませんので、手作りの味を安心してお楽しみください。

"MOLLY'S SMOKED" is a handmade bacon carefully smoked with cherry chips. By exposure to smoke, the power of the active ingredients such as carbonyl compounds, phenolic compounds, organic acids and the like contained in smoke exerts the effect of sterilization and oxidation prevention. Additives such as color former / preservative / antioxidant are not included, so please enjoy the homemade taste with confidence.



We will deliver the ultimate smoked products we made slowly and carefully to everyone.


We use boned ribs of pork ice-temperature-aged for 14 days at -2℃, and smoke them for about 2 hours with cherry chips. Sliced raw as it is, with a little rock salt as you like, or baked lightly it can be delicious in either way. We are preparing refrigerated type and frozen type. As for the refrigerated type, we recommend that you eat it with in 7 days after opening, or be stored frozen.

白ラベル (ヨーロッパ産)

White label (from Europe)

100g 400yen〜(税別)

黒ラベル (北海道産)

Black label (from Hokkaido)

100g 500yen〜(税別)



"Smoked products made from salt, smoke and herbs is already a work of art."

20年前のことです。今まで食べた事の無い、感動的に美味しいベーコンと北海道で出会いました。それから数年前にご縁を頂き、師匠の元、燻製作りを学ばせて頂きました。現在、師匠の教えを守りながら自分の燻製作りの世界を探求しております。大事にしてる事は「肉と対話する」こと。熟成が進むにつれ、塩味や脂味や水分や旨味なども変化してゆきます。そして、深くまろやかな味わいになってゆく様に心を込めて、その世界に没入して行くのです。 燻製作りは塩と煙りの織り成す芸術です。これからも皆様にご満足頂けます様、心穏やかに感性を磨いてゆきたいと思います。今後共、ご愛顧賜ります様宜しくお願い申し上げます。

About 20 years ago, I experienced a delicious bacon in Hokkaido that I never ate before. Then, I got the chance to meet a master a couple of years ago and learned how to make smoked from him. Currently, we are exploring the world of making smoked products while observing his teachings. What we cherish is "to talk to meat". Saltiness, oiliness, moisture, umami, etc. will also change as ripening progresses. And, with a heart full of mind that it will become a deep and mellow taste, we immerse into that world. Making smoked products is a weaving art of salt and smoke. Hopefully we will be able to satisfy all of you in the future, we want to calm the sensibility calmly. We look forward to your continued patronage.

Special Thanks

Tomoichi Mizuno,Takahiro Mizuno,Kouich Abe,Hidekatu Inoue,Michiaki Okada,Akane Okada,Kouichiro Ikeuchi,Manabu Ooe,
Mami Yoshino,ARGO.Hiromi Sakurada,Chiaki Nitta,Makoto Murakami,Hisahiro Fujii,Kouji Ono,Masami Ichikawa,Takeharu Okada,Masahiko Saito,Takehiro kajitani,Richmond Gill